Meet the Chef

Chef Charmaine Johnson has a combined passion for food and healthy living. Raised around good food and family, she is the youngest of ten in a family were sports played a huge role. Chef Johnson developed an interest in the relationship between diet and its effects on athletic performance. She began studying and pursuing knowledge for natural remedies, discovering that juicing fruits and vegetables could substitute medication. This ignited her love for preparing meals specific to the body needs.

Charmaine worked as an insurance professional for over 20 years, but left to pursue her true calling. She embarked on a quest to prepare flavorful cuisines that were not only tasty but consisted of nutritional benefits for the body.Through her personal experience, she realized that healthy options very often lacked the taste factor that makes eating enjoyable.

She challenged herself to market her knowledge to extremely disciplined athletes. After a successful seven years of working solely with professional athletes, helping them to maintain a healthy diet, she decided to share her knowledge with the general public. Chef Johnson created Jazzy Bonez private chef services in an effort to fuse great taste with enriched nutrition.