Meal Plan

We are not calorie focused but health conscious. Our meals range from 1300- 1500 calories daily. All of our program option included two delectable choices for breakfast, lunches, dinner and snacks options every day.

Our healthcentric plan is low in sodium, low in sugar, low in fat and high in fiber utilizing the leanest proteins and omega 3 rich fish dishes, super grains and pasta for optimal blood circulation.

We offer a pescetarian plan, which is great for people who want to abstain from eating meat and animal flesh. We also have a vegetarian plan for those who choose to avoid all forms of animal flesh.

Below is the price break down of our various programs:

31 day program $45.99 (plus tax) per day
21 day program $49.99 (plus tax) per day
14 day program $52.99 (plus tax) per day
7   day program $55.99  (plus tax) per day
5   day program $58.99  (plus tax) per day
3   day program $ 61.99  (plus tax) per day
1    day program $ 64.99 (plus tax) per day

Please view our sample menu.

To place an order you can email or call (773) 671-9853 all orders must be placed 7 days in advance before you can start the program. Cancellation Policy:  all cancellation request must be made four days in advance